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Spiritual Journey

Individual Steps on Your Spiritual Journey

  • Understanding God’s Story. Study with us to learn why we are here and what God desires.
  • Repent. Ask God’s forgiveness, committing to make Jesus Christ the leader of your life.
  • Be baptized. Christ asks us to do this to ‘go public’ with our faith.
  • Invest in your daily relationship with God through Bible reading and prayer, so that you might live by the Spirit.
  • Share your faith with others.


CBC Steps on Your Spiritual Journey

  • Sunday Worship: People were created to worship God. Unfortunately, man has found many other items to worship in stead of God. Worship does not happen in a vacuum. It starts by getting to know who God is. Whether you are investigating who God is for the first time, or have for a while, we pray this opportunity will increase your desire to worship God in spirit and in truth.
  • Growth Groups: God created people to live in community. People find fulfillment when they share it together in Christ-centered relationships. Jesus said that you will know my disciples by their love for one another. Love or caring for one another will not happen unless time is invested together in applying God’s word, prayer and fellowship.
  • Sunday Morning Electives: Children of God are to mature in Christ. Wisdom starts with knowing how God desires His children to live. People either conform to the world or are transformed by the renewing of their minds. These electives teach us how to find answers to life’s problems by digging deeper into God’s word so that we might practice the truth in love and act like Christ.